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5 Tips For Maintaining Your Perfect Blonde At Home

Hair colour in Lake Country BC is popular. We especially love creating blondes at the salon. From icy platinum to lived in natural and everything in between, the potential for different blondes is endless. However, blonde is not just a hair colour, it is a lifestyle that requires a little extra love and maintenance. In this blog post, your Brick House Beauty blonde specialists are going to give you 5 tips to maintain your best blonde at home!


If you’ve had blonde locks for a while, you know that a purple or blue based product is necessary in your hair care regiment. When the hair is lightened, there are always unwanted underlying tones that tend to pull yellow or orange. When you have your hair lightened in the salon, your Lake Country hair stylists apply a toning solution to counteract these pigments so you’re left with a gorgeous, even, blonde tone. However, every time you wash your hair following your appointment, that toner slowly washes away, which is when unwanted brassy tones will pop up. This is where a purple or blue based toning product comes in. Using a purple or blue shampoo, conditioner, or leave in product will help counteract the unwanted yellow or orange tones that inevitability show up, but it can be tricky to figure out the best product for your blonde. It can also be difficult to figure out the best routine as to not over do it and be left with purple remnants. At Brick House Beauty Hair Salon in Lake Country BC, we have a huge selection of toning products from shampoos, conditioners, deep conditioning treatments, and leave in treatments so there’s a guaranteed product to work for every blonde! Talk to your Lake Country hair stylist about finding the right toning product suited for your blonde needs and they’ll fill you in on best practices for at home use. 


When you lighten your hair, the bleach works by penetrating the hair shaft and breaking down pigment molecules creating a lighter appearance. When this happens, natural fatty acids and bonds that keep hair strands strong get broken down, which is why lightening hair can cause more damage. There are so many treatments on the market that help heal busted, blonde strands from the inside out so that you don’t have to suffer from damage and breakage to achieve your blonde dreams. It is super important to incorporate a treatment into your hair care routine regardless of your hair colour or style, but it is absolutely imperative for blondes to maintain the health and integrity of their compromised strands. Check out another one of our blogs to learn more about bringing your blonde hair back to life


Heat protection is important for all hair types, but especially for lightened locks. As explained above, lightening the hair causes havoc on the hair shaft from the inside out. This means you have to be EXTRA careful when it comes to styling as your strands are already compromised. When possible, we recommend avoiding heat styling as much as possible to give your hair a break. When you do use heat styling tools, a UV/Heat protectant product is an absolute must! This is also incredibly important when your blonde hair will be in the sun for a long stretch of time to prevent UV damage and unwanted brassy tones. If you like a leave in cream, Extreme Play Safe 450 treatment is one of our faves! You can find it on our online store here


Blonde hair tends to be dry and brittle, so you absolutely want to avoid over washing and stripping your strands of desperately needed natural oils. We recommend trying to space out the time between washes so your blonde locks can soak up as many natural oils as possible. Try incorporating a dry shampoo (we’re OBSESSED with Deep Clean Dry Shampoo by Redken) to push your hair washing day back a few!  When you do wash your hair, try finishing off your wash with as cold of water as you can handle. This is great for all colored and lightened hair as cold water seals the cuticle which helps preserve hair colour while leaving hair super soft and shiny.  One final blonde washing tip- if you’re finding your hair feels ‘ick’ and turns brassy quickly, check your water levels. If the water where you live is quite hard (aka filled with minerals, chlorine, fluoride and iron content), you may way to consider investing in a shower head filter. This filter will help neutralize some of these hard water elements that can dry out your blonde hair and cause unwanted brassiness. 


By now, you know why blonde hair has a tendency of being more dry and brittle, so it makes sense that extra TLC and gentle handling is so important to prevent further breakage. We recommend using a wide tooth comb when applying conditioner in the shower to ensure even distribution without tangling the hair. We also recommend investing in a good brush (we absolutely love a Wet Detangling Brush!) to prevent manual breakage from brushing aggressively. Our last recommendation is to invest in a silk or satin pillowcase to prevent pulling, tangling, and breakage while you sleep! 


It’s still up for debate as to whether blondes really do have more fun, but we can say with absolute certainty that blondes have more maintenance! Blonde is a commitment, and it is important to have all of these tools in your hair care tool box to make sure that when you take the plunge into blonde, you’re doing it right! Luckily for you, the hair stylists at Brick House Beauty Hair Salon in Lake Country BC have the answers to all of your blonde burning questions and are ready to hook you up with the blonde of your dreams and the knowledge and tools to maintain it at home! 

If you want to try any products to help maintain your blonde hair, you can get them all by visiting our online store or by stopping by Brick House Beauty hair salon in Lake Country.

If you have any questions about your hair, make sure to ask away at your next salon visit with our Lake Country hair stylists and until then, you can catch us on social media @brick_house_beauty or view everything about our salon at


The hair colour and hair stylist specialists at your favourite Lake Country hair salon, Brick House Beauty

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